Never Give Up !

No matter how adverse your circumstances get in life, always remember that God will never leave you or forsake you. The devil’s ultimate goal is to block your enlightenment, discovery of the understanding of your God’s Love. The enemy doesn’t want you know what God hates and what He loves. The more you know Him the less Satan and his demons can control your thought life, your emotions, and what you listen to and what you do. The devil knows that his agitating, irritating, senseless plots doesn’t get to you anymore. If he had any since he would recognize that this really increases your anointing to tear down his diabolical plans to detour from your destiny. He knows that this is power to keep you from falling and falling. he also know that this power helps you to get up and start again if by chance you fail or fall. A lot of people don’t believe that you don’t have to keep failing and falling. Some teach and encourage folk it’s ok to sin a little bit or even a lot.  When you sin you don’t win!!!  What they don’t realize and tell you,  is that there are consequences for ones actions and their sins. They don’t just effect them.  Their decisions and actions are seeds  that produces a Godly spirit or a satanic spirit that effect you, your children, and your community.    I believe that a christian can turn their back on God, if they don’t repent and ask God to forgive them they will experience eternal damnation when they die, why? because they are now following after their father the devil like Jesus told the pharisees, they no longer will have  eternal life with Jesus Christ when they die. You can’t serve 2 God’s.  I believe that yes the person can be saved always, to the utmost, if they choose to be saved. Jesus didn’t come to take your right to choose away. I didn’t say they couldn’t ever fall and make  mistakes, probably many, this faith walk is a process.

The bible says a just man may fall seven times and get up again.  Seven doesn’t mean that he  fall just seven times, it means he may completely fall in whatever sin that caused him to fall,  but because God gives us chances and choices in life we have to acknowledge our wrong doing and ask for forgiveness. He’s just and quick to forgive. He says if a christian or believer sin we have an advocate we can call on Him and He will put us back in right fellowship with Jesus Christ.  I guess I’m a little different because Jesus told us to set the captives free, opened the blinded eyes, deliver the bruise and battered, tell them to go and sin no more. That’s the seed I love planting. Letting them know nothing is impossible if we only believe. Let them know that they can do all things through Christ which Strengthens them and show them how to live a godly life forever.  Jesus loves you this I know for the Bible tells me so.  Read it day and night and watch Him change your Life.

That’s why He says choose you this day who you will serve. He has made a way of escape for every temptation. Live a life where you will be blessed and not cursed. I want to encourage you today that Jesus is real and No weapon that has formed against you shall prosper. This is why the power of prayer and fasting is so important it helps us to overcome challenges of sickness and disease, poverty and lack, hate, doubt, uncontrollable tempers,  anger I could go on and on. The power of God’s Word has remedies for what ever ails you. His grace is sufficient for you and I. His blood covers you when you are going through your transformation to bring you to the destiny He has for your life. Trust Him no matter what!  Never give up on Jesus!


Blessings and Favor to you all!  Pastor Janice


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