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We are a Community who firmly believes in Redeeming to Dominate

I am Pastor and founder of Go Girlfriend Shine For Jesus/Redeem to Dominate. I cater to the Community and minister to God’s people all over. I counsel and teach women who have been battered, oppressed, depressed, and women from broken marriages, and problem marriages, spouses and children. I am an Ordained License Minister of the Gospel, Minister of music—Psalmist and  an Author of my new release Book “Change Your Frame Then Frame Your Change.” I’ve been in the Dental Industry as a Dental Assistant for 47 years now also a Speaker.

I show people how to deal with all kinds of oppositions and all kinds of all of sudden situations that might occur on their jobs, in their homes, in their lives, in their churches or community. They make their own choices to choose to stay bitter or get better, to get glad or stay sad. The objective is that they choose life to live and not living life to die.

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Change Your Frame Then Frame Your Change

This book will inspire, bless, encourage, challenge you and change your life! I wrote this book to feed your spirit to empower your flesh to overcome every temptation you might face . Your faith can’t help but leap with joy, enthusiasm and power of the ” I can do this with God, all things are possible because I believe.”

Please feel free to order my other products that will bless you as well. If you would ever like to donate to this ministry feel free too. Thank you in advance for your support. May God’s supernatural unlimited power bless and keep you all forever. Pastor Janice

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